In partnership with Five Star Development, Dan Hupp Performance Consulting offers clients leadership development and consulting services built on the foundation of the High Performance Leadership Model.

High-Performance Leadership

There are two important dimensions of every high-performing leader: Organizational Leadership and Relationship Leadership. In Organizational Leadership, leaders are effective strategists, innovative and inspiring. Relationship Leadership is the dimension less often mentioned, yet it is equally important. In Relationship Leadership, the leader gains the full support of his/her peers and team. Relationship Leadership defines what a leader must do to build the kind of relationships that enable high performance.


This model applies the definition of leadership introduced by Joseph C. Rost, in his book, Leadership for the Twenty-First Century.  Mr Rost defines leadership as an “influence relationship among leaders and followers who intend real changes that reflect their mutual purposes.” Rost’s definition highlights the fact that leadership is about building trust and commitment, using an approach that promotes a common, compelling purpose.


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